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How can we help you?

By finding the right venue and booking it for you

This is our main activity and although we operate from the heart of rural Wiltshire, England, we provide a global service to business clients - many of whom are multi-national household names. Whether your company needs a single nights hotel accommodation, a manor house to host an off-site management meeting or a special venue from which to launch your latest product, we can help you find and book the perfect location to match your budget and other requirements ... and we provide this service (and more) for FREE!

How it works

  • You contact us by phone, letter, fax, email or via the forms on this web site and give us details of your requirements.
  • We respond to your enquiry within 24 hours, or less if required and it is feasible.
  • Within your timescale we supply you with a short list of venues that can meet your needs. To do this we will have searched our extensive database to determine who matches your criteria, called the venue to ascertain availability and negotiated the best rates.
  • If you have any further queries we will liaise with the venues on your behalf thus allowing you to make your final selection. If necessary we will arrange site inspections for you.
  • Having made your selection we issue a Confirmation of the booking to all parties.
  • Contracts are signed between yourselves and the venue.
  • We can continue to liaise and co-ordinate your requirements with the venue up to the start of the event and will issue modified and updated Confirmations to all parties as they are needed to ensure everyone has the full picture.
  • If there are additional requirements (e.g. transport, entertainment, team building etc.), we can also source these for you and handle them in a similar way on your behalf.
  • After the event we solicit feedback from all parties and help resolve any issues.


All of the above are supplied free providing we are appointed by yourselves as the sole venue finding agency for this enquiry and that your staff are also not trying to source a venue.

Do you need to book more than just a venue?

.... we can source and book suppliers of recreation, motivation and team building activities, production companies, AV specialists - in fact everything to make your meeting truly memorable. We can also help you hire coaches or limousines to transport attendees from airports or offices to the venue. All of these we can source and book for you in a similar way to venue finding and - again - free of charge.

Do you need help to organise and/or run your event?

If however you need assistance in the planning, running and administering of your event then we can supply this as a chargeable service. Just click on the link for details.

It is really as simple and efficient as that so why not contact us to see if we can help your company - the details are on the Contact Us page. Or, if you are currently working on a project and think we may be able to help, why not complete the Enquiry Form - there are no catches, no contracts and you really have nothing to lose.


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