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How else can we help you?

By offering Additional Services

Sometimes the services we offer as part of our venue finding activities are not enough for the hard-pressed administrator or P.A. and so we are able to offer the following chargeable supplementary services:

Accompanied Site Inspections

If you wish, we can accompany you on site inspections. In this way we can give you the benefit of our considerable expertise in the hotel industry and so help you to make the right choice - we know the right questions to ask and can, on your behalf, undertake face to face negotiation with the venue's sale staff.

Meeting Planning, Event Organising and Conference Co-ordinating

Imagine, your boss has just asked you to organise next years sales conference and you are daunted by the task. You may be worried that you will not find time to fit in this extra work. You may be unsure of all of the steps that need to be taken to ensure a successful conference - or indeed what it takes to give it that extra zing. For instance how do you get all the suppliers to work together? What will the delegates do on the evenings? How can you run the conference and attend the presentations at the same time?

The answer to some of these and other questions may be found when using our free venue finding service as the questions we ask you may help steer you through the maze. But if you feel you need additional professional help at various stages of the project then talk to us as we have considerable experience and skill in providing help at all phases of an event. Examples are :-

  • Co-ordinating the various suppliers such as hotel, production company, coach company during the planning stages
  • Mailing invitations and controlling the responses
  • Planning meeting schedules
  • Being the focal point to handle the advance registration of delegates
  • Organising entertainment
  • Liaising with chauffeurs to collect delegates arriving at airports
  • Manning the registration desk
  • Managing and co-ordinating an event while it is happening


Activities like those listed above are additional to our free venue finding service and to undertake them we make a charge which is made up of two elements :-

  • Professional Charges - which are based on the time taken and the level of expertise needed.
  • Travel & Subsistence Charges - which are dictated by the costs we incur

We believe our charges are fair and competitive so why not contact us to see if we can help you with that next meeting - the details are on the Contact Us page. If you are currently working on a project and think we may be able to help why not complete the Enquiry Form - there are no catches, no contracts and you really have nothing to lose.

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