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Paying Commission Invoices

Choosing the right way to pay


Our bank details can be found at the bottom of the invoice.


Send cheques, made payable to "Kinwardstone Conferencing", to the Accounts Department at the address on our Contacts page.


Either telephone our Accounts Department on +44 (0)1672 810509 and provide your credit card details


Pay online by clicking this button and entering the secure PayPal site - NOTE you do NOT need a PayPal account to use this service.

When making an online credit card payment simply following the following steps:-

  • In the first box below enter Your Details so we can identify where the payment came from; in the second box List The Invoices Being Paid and their values so we can correctly allocate the payment.
  • Click the PayPal Payments button to take you to their secure payments site.
Your Details
List Of Invoices Being Paid

£ Stirling payments

On the PayPal site:

  • Page 1 - Enter the total amount being paid then press the Update button. Continue by either logging into your PayPal account or clicking "Continue". Click to see a sample screen image.
  • Page 2 will only be displayed if you do not have a PayPal account. Use it to enter your credit card details. Click to see a sample screen image.
  • Page 3 allows you to enter more details before the payment is confirmed.
    1)Open the text box. Click to see a sample screen image.
    2)Enter the invoice or any other details
    3)Finally, Confirm the payment. Click to see a sample screen image.

(After viewing a sample screen, use your browser "back" function to return to here.)


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