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Our Environment Policy

Living and working as we do in an old chapel situated in a conservation area of a village which lies within an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty it is impossible for us not to be aware of the environment and mans impact upon it.

Early in 2003 we decided to join the Trowbridge based Wessex Environment Business Club so that we could have our business practises assessed from an environmental viewpoint and also to be kept aware of environment legislation. The club is co-ordinated by an environmental charity called Envolve and their advice has helped us both save money and become more environmentally aware. We are now recycling more, using low energy devices and have switched to purchasing recycled or Fair Trade products as often as possible.

Perhaps the biggest impact has been their encouragement for our plans to harvest and recycle rainwater and grey water. When the installation is complete the office toilets will be flushed by the rainwater and so should make a considerable reduction to our water consumption.

Click to see our Environment Policy which is in Adobe pdf format. Most of it is common sense and is really just good business practice. We will openly acknowledge that our efforts are but a drop in the environmental ocean but if every business did its bit .......!


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