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The concept behind, and the benefits of dealing with, an ISO 9000 accredited company need no introduction.

We have always based Kinwardstone's business practises on what we believe to be the highest principals and from day one have used highly tailored computer systems to ensure both our clients and the venues received a good quality of service.

While our computer systems continue to evolve to cater for an ever changing world, the decision to gain ISO9002:1994 accreditation in January 2000 was taken to make a public statement of the quality of service that we strive to achieve.

But even the world of ISO9000 does not stand still and the original 1994 specification ceased to exist in 2004.The main difference in the new standard - ISO9001:2000 - is the placing of more emphasis on client interaction and feedback - quality as perceived by your customers.

We have implemented the changes necessary to comply with the new standard and have engaged an specialist company to randomly select and interview our clients. We toyed with the idea of conducting our own surveys but in truth, the only way to find out how well you are doing is to have the questions asked by an independent person.

We are proud of the fact that for the first 3 years we achieved the Gold Award rating for Customer Satisfaction. This was then the highest level awarded by BenchMarq and to gain it you must achieve a rating which exceeded 80%. For 2006 they introduced a higher level - the Diamond Award - for those achieving 90% or over and we are proud to say we achieved it for both 2006 and 2007!!!

Our actual rounded results are 92%, 87% 90% 90% and 92%!


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